Mamajuana 175ml. Original Recipe

Mamajuana is a drink exclusively from the Dominican Republic that is made by adding rum, red wine, and honey to a combination of twigs, bark, leaves and herbs. The taste is a unique combination of woody and herbal flavors.

Mamajuana is seen and advertised as an aphrodisiac although the drink was originally regarded as a cure all that was an effective treatment for many ailments.

This Mamajuana is made with the original recipe and comes with the twigs, bark, leaves, herbs and of course liquid ready to drink

Product Details

  • Code: 01125
  • Materials: Glass bottle
  • Content: 175 ml.
  • Alcohol: 30% Vol.
  • Approximate dimensions: height 6.0" - width 2.7"
  • Included: Straw Hat, Ribbon
  • Content of the bottle is liquid plus twigs, bark, leaves
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